Collective Worship- Autumn 2 2020

Collective Worship 09.12.20

Ms Sargeant led us in collective worship continuing to think about the time of advent.

Christian Values Collective Worship

We celebrated as a school the children who were nominated by their class mates to receive the Christian Values award for Peace.

Collective Worship 04.12.20

Mrs Bright leads collective worship thinking about the story of Zachariah and Elizabeth

Collective Worship 02.12.20

Mrs Thorpe led our first collective worship of Advent

Golden Collective Worship 27.11.20

Mr Webster leads Golden Collective Worship to congratulate all of our golden award winners and children who have already received 10 silver stars.

Collective Worship 20.11.20

Mrs Bright leads worship with the church ambassadors around the value of Peace

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Collective Worship- Autumn 1 2020

Christian Values Award Collective Worship

We celebrate the children who receive the award for showing community and thankfulness as voted for by their classmates.

Collective Worship 16.10.20

Mrs Bright leads our collective worship on being thankful even when times are difficult

Collective Worship 14.10.20

Miss Wilson leads collective worship on our Christian value of Thankfulness

Harvest 2020- Foodbank launch

Mrs Fewtrell talks to us about our Harvest project for 2020 and how we are going to be collective food items to support our local foodbank.

Collective Worship 09.10.20

Mrs Bright leads us in collective worship on our new value of Thankfulness and we consider how we thankful for everyone in our school community.

Collective Worship 07.10.20

Mrs Thorpe leads us in our final collective worship that focuses on our value of Community

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Zebras- The Queen's Nose

The Queen’s Nose- Part 7

The Queen’s Nose- Part 6

Sorry it’s been a little while since you last heard the story, I will pop up a couple of videos this week so hopefully we can hear the end of the story :)

The Queen’s Nose- Part 5

I can’t believe how this part of the story ended ! I am so excited to read the rest of the chapter.

The Queen’s Nose Part 4

Listen to part 4 of the story to find out more about Harmony’s magic 50p coin.

The Queens Nose- Part 3

If you need a refresher of what has happened so far, rewatch part 1 and 2 of the story. I wonder what will happen next?

The Queen's Nose- Part 2

It was a lovely day yesterday, so I took my book outside again for the next part of the story. I can't believe that Harmony told the reporters that she called her sister 'Simple Sissie' !

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